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The Therapist

Darlene Mielcarek LMT

It All started for Darlene Mielcarek at age 7. Her brother Kenneth had cancer and died at age 9 years old. At the time she said a prayer to GOD to heal her brother; it was simple, out of the heart of a child. Since then her whole life has been guided and directed towards healing and a longing to help. In high school she went to LPN school to become a nurse. She worked in the nursing field and also private home health care services. She got discouraged...knowing deep within there had to be something more than what she was seeing and experiencing in the health care services.

In 1994 Darlene had her own healing crisis. That opened the door to going deeper into alternative healing methods. She has retrained her body and thinking to be where she is now. She knows that these methods really work through her own experiences, and she is very passionate about her work. Now she is:

* Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State , graduated in 1996 ,
* Is a member of National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, NCTMB since 1996,
* Ordained as a Minister in 1997,
* Reiki Master since 1998,
* Is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Shiatsu + Tapping, Energy Balancing, and Spiritual Counseling.

Darlene works and teaches always continuing to share her experiences to this day.

Darlene has worked with animals all her life. Taught to groom and train by her beloved mother Deanna (once a professional dog groomer and trainer), does Shiatsu and Reiki for all animals.

Darlene's passion is that education and learning must be continuous. Life is a journey: no one has all the answers...Love, Healing, Empowering others to walk in Wisdom and Understanding with Balance are
Angelic Darlene's Heart Motives!

Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day!